Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting off Drugs

Getting off Drugs

What is the best way to get off drugs? To me the best way to get off drugs is very simple.. Don't pick  up. If that sounds really simple, it’s because it is. Not drug ever put a pistol in my mouth and made me take it. As a addict that is way too simple of a thought for me. My whole life using was always very complicated in my head. I had a million and a half of excuses locked and loaded, ready to be used whenever I needed a reason to do drugs. That’s because the disease of addiction lives in my head. I cannot out think it. It tells me that I have to get high. That my life cannot continue without it.

If you have come the decision that you have an addiction, the next thing that you should ask is, what are you going to do about it? You most likely have tried many different tactics such as, cutting down on the amount that you use, or using only on particular days. You may have tried switching to another substance have gone for extended periods of times without getting high. But then eventually the addiction came back. Some sort of negative consequence may be hanging over your head like a hearing for DUI or spouses leaving you until you get some help.

Whatever your own personal reasons that make you get to this point or not, something usually is happening to your life that gives you the push that takes you off the edge. This is what's commonly called hitting the bottom. The only real question is how much of the bottom can you take. Hitting the bottom means coming to the conclusion that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or you are not getting the same enjoyment from the drugs as you used to. You are only eliminating those uncomfortable feeling. You don't feel as good anymore when you're getting high but you feel worse when you're not getting high. If you're using hydrocodone or any other sort of opiate drugs, you have the additional discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms when you quit using.

Unfortunately many people will stay in a situation for a very long time and an addict’s disease brain can talk them into almost anything. If you feel you have no choice but to continue using you most likely to hide behind the denial. An addict will find justification to keep using and block out the painful awareness that the addiction is showing them.

So to me in the end the best way to treat a hydrocodone addiction , or any other addiction is to not use. That is if you haven’t had enough. If you haven’t had enough then there is a life of misery out there waiting for you. The choice in the end is up to you.